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Architect Maria Ghiata was born in Athens in 1977. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Portsmouth and her Diploma in Architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture (University of Glasgow). In 2005 she completed her postgraduate studies in Environmental Design & Engineering (University College of London). She has worked with 'META' and 'React' architectural practices in Greece, as well as 'Miller Hughes Associates' in Great Britain. In 2009 she founded Architects Unfolding, an architectural practice based in Athens, Greece.

The architect’s experience ranges from the design and construction of small-scale buildings (such as residences, holiday houses, shops, offices), throughout all the design/constructional stages of projects (such as construction supervision of new buildings, refurbishment of existing buildings, refurbishment of traditional buildings). Moreover, she has participated in the design of large scale public works such as parks, squares, urban bicycle lanes, master planning projects. The establishment of the architectural practice 'architects unfolding' gave the architect the chance to collect and apply all the experience she gained throughout the years, in both the architectural and the construction management field.

Maria Ghiata Architects

Maria Ghiata founded architectural firm ‘Architects Unfolding’, in October 2009, located in Aghia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece. The firm was renamed into 'Maria Ghiata Architects' in 2022. The architectural firm's portfolio ranges from architectural design and construction of buildings (such as houses) to fully detailed interior design of buildings (houses, apartments, offices, shops). There are two parameters that our architectural firm takes into account during the design process: our aim to create a contemporary architectural space that serves the people rather than our architectural ego, and the idea that whatever we do, we try to respect the environment by following the basic bioclimatic design rules.

Through the use of materials, the interconnection of spaces, the sensitivity to the surrounding, the detailed approach of how light enters the building, our architectural practice aims towards a more ‘humane’ built environment. Our buildings reflect a continuous effort in allowing the user to feel comfortable and ‘at home’.

The truly ‘contemporary’ architecture works as our basic tool, in order to exploit every building, enclosed or open space through a fresh architectural approach. All the works of our architectural practice comprise of a wide range of projects including the design and construction of buildings, parks, squares (landscapes design), the refurbishment of existing spaces, always by paying attention at the aesthetics on one hand, and bioclimatic design on the other.

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