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Jewelry store on Ermou Street, Athens

Project: Architectural design and construction
Location: Ermou street, Athens city center, Greece
Area: 45.00 m2
Year: 2023

Architectural design: Maria Ghiata Architects & Kiki Kelesidou
Lighting design: Kiki Kelesidou

Construction: Bilda construction company
Photography: Thomas Gerasopoulos

The jewellery store is located in the most known, busiest commercial street of Athens City Centre: Ermou street. It is part of the ground floor of a neoclassical building, dating from 1842, the facade of which was recently renovated. 

The store has an intensely elongated shape, measuring approximately 3.50 X 13.00 meters and a thin and narrow display window. 
The main conceptual ideas, set by the clients, were the unification and continuity of the materials in the space, the absolute dominance of the white colour and the sufficient and targeted lighting of the store and the products. And all the above, in an extremely limited time frame. 

The architectural concept followed the logic of the cleanliness of the space, designing two linear display counters along and on either side of it, leaving a central corridor free for visitors and customers. At the back of the store, the cash register was placed as a continuation of the counter and the existing metal staircase leading to the upper utility area, was carefully hidden. 

An important aspect of the architectural composition was the carefully selected lighting features of the space, the showcases and the products. Hidden lighting was installed along the entire length of the linear benches, emphasizing the continuity of the floor and wall material. The jewels in the showcases were highlighted with cold professional lighting, while the general lighting of the space was created indirectly, by wall washers. 

The material used on all surfaces was white polished concrete with a relatively glossy texture. The sharp edges between the walls, the floor and the ceiling, were "softened" with light curving of the material. Generally, the feeling of the space is an absolute continuation of white colour which helps visitors to pay attention to the products. Finally, the mirrors were placed in key parts of the space and lit up from the back, giving them a three-dimensional feel.

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