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Pet grooming shop in Cholargos

Project: Design and construction
Location: Cholargos, Athens, Greece
Area: 100.00 m2
Year: 2022

Architectural design: Maria Ghiata Architects
Photography: Thomas Gerasopoulos

The pet grooming shop is located on the ground floor of a corner apartment-building in the suburb of Cholargos. It has been created by merging two shops, each one with a loft. The client's program included a reception and sales area, the main washing and grooming area, a storage space, and an office. The location is ideal for pets, since outside the store, there is a 170-square meters garden, which creates a natural environment for the little visitors.

The basic architectural concept involved maintaining and restoring the existing facade, with its wooden guillotine windows and exposed brick cladding. The previously constructed suspended ceiling of the reception area was completely removed, revealing a double-height space and allowing more light to filter through the upper windows. Now the loft has been converted into an office, gaining visual contact with the reception area. The imposing double-height has been enhanced by the addition of a pendant light.

The main pet grooming area was conceptually and functionally divided into two sub-areas, washing and grooming areas. Between the two, a dog "parking" was placed, as a waiting area, until the pet it picked up by its guardian. The loft above the grooming area was converted into a storage space for all necessary supplies.

The earthy colors of the facade (brick and wood) were combined with the pop/vintage aesthetics of the space. The main pet grooming area was cladded with colorful 'mosaic type' tiles up to the appropriate height and above that, the wall is painted in shades of mint. In general, the palette used in the space includes pastel green and salmon shades, oak wood and grey-blue expanded (deploye) metal sheets.

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