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Two houses in Gerakas, Athens

Project: Residence design, architectural study
Location: Gerakas, Athens, Greece
Area: 300.00 m2
Year: 2020

Architectural design: Maria Ghiata Architects
3D renderings: Alexia Papakonstantinou

The two houses sit on a corner plot, in a new developing area, at the Eastern suburbs of Athens. The program set by the two clients, was to build two family homes, in two levels, and a basement level for ancillary spaces.


Due to the Greek Building and Town Planning Regulations, the restrictions were quite excessive. The outline of the building should be very specific. Most importantly, the building would sit on the back of the plot, creating parti walls to the north and eastern side.

The basic concept was to create two inner courtyards, in an attempt to bring light and air through the building. The inner courtyards would provide the families an everyday open space with complete privacy, that would also allow the building itself to “breathe”.

Each house consists of a ground floor level with living, dining and kitchen area and a first-floor level with bedrooms and bathrooms. The secondary facilities such as storage and parking space were placed in the basement and a staircase and lift connect all levels.

The inner courtyard, the heart of each home, was translated according to the needs of each family. In House W (western house) the courtyard’s floor is used as an outdoor sitting area and a garden. In House E (eastern house) the inner courtyard was transformed into a small open-air swimming pool. This can provide the occupants a nice cool breeze during the hot summer days. Both inner open spaces provide openings to all the surrounding rooms.

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